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BBQ Non-stick Grilling Mesh

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Have a great bonding time with your family and friends while enjoying your grilled delights with Delightful BBQ Mesh. This Delightful BBQ Mesh enhances the flavor of your foods by letting the smoke pass through the food. Its a nonstick grilling mesh there is no need for you to put oil 



  • Heat resistance but not higher than 260 ℃
  • Non-stick: both sides are available to prevent food from adhesion
  • Security: non-toxic and odorless, through the FDA, LFGB, SGS detection
  • Dust proof & easy to clean

Material: Metal
Feature: Heat Resistance
Accessory Type: Meshes
Use: Cooking/Baking/Barbecue
Type: Other Accessories

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BBQ Non-stick Grilling Mesh

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