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Musical Car™ Universal Wireless Bluetooth Music & Car Charging Adapter

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Musical Car™

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

  • ADAPTED FOR ALL CARS & iOS / Android;  suited for 99.9% cars on the market,  adapted for different sizes of car cigarette lighters; suitable for iPhone X 8/ 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6S Plus/ iPad/ Samsung / Huawei /other, (iOS / Android).
  • MUSIC MP3 PLAYER & CHARGING; Listening music and charging at a same time; play music on-line or off- line automatically; Dual USB Ports 5V 3.4A can charge for two phones /Pad at a same time, single max output 2.4A,adapted to output 12/24 DC, global use.
  • KEEP SAFE WHEN DRIVING-BATTERY VOLTAGE DETECTION; When car voltage is abnormal, the red warning light will keep flashing and it will produce an alarm sound, meanwhile, phone data in ROIDMI APP will synchronously display it; Double reminders, enable safe driving!
  • MAIN FEATURES; Music Player /FM Transmitter /Car Charge / Battery Monitor for car / GPS Navigation Broadcast /APP Smart Remote, Smaller design but multi-functions in a ROIDMI music Bluetooth 4.2 car charge function of version 3S.
  • EASY-TO-USE; Following the guide you can easily use ROIDMI, 96.4 frequency is the ROIDMI official default which is not the only setting available. If 96.4 is not applicable (unavailable), select an unused band (87.5-108) in the local FM, Set-up the frequency of APP on your smart phone to the same value & Boom! Easy done!
  • Support Quick Charge Technology: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (USB 3.0)

Universal 3s Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Features and specifications:

Output port: Double USB interface
Input voltage: DC 12 - 24 V
Output voltage: DC 5 V
Output current: 2.4 A x2 (max: 3.4 A)
Product size: 25 mm x 25 mm x 53 mm


Music Bluetooth car charger

Adapted for all cars: battery monitor, car charger, music player, navigation broadcast

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Perfect integration of a music player and car charger + many more functions

Fully compatible with iOS and Android systems. Dual USB charger ports. Supporting phones and other digital products. Adapter contact-type electrode is adapted for all car brands on the market

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Compatible for all cars

Adapter for all kinds of cars on the market.
It uses a metal elastic contact design - the more elastic, the more stable once plugged in. It adapts to the different sizes of car cigarette lighters. Compatible with all kinds of cars on the market.

It's Small in Design & size, Very convenient to use.

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Listen to high-quality internet music at any time, stream as you please

Intelligent continued play function, with good voice on the road.
Connect the ROIDMI Music Bluetooth car charger to the ROIDMI app by Bluetooth and you can automatically play from the Music App and listen to network audio online or off-line on our advertisement-free ROIDMI Music Bluetooth car charger app.

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Battery voltage detection so that it's safer when driving

Double synchronous reminder, makes your car safe guarded from electrical surges.
When the car voltage is abnormal, the red warning light on ROIDMI 3S will keep flashing and it will produce an alarm sound. Meanwhile the phone data from the ROIDMI app will simultaneously be displayed. Double reminders, real-time companion and safe travel.

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Perfectly created Smart car charger

Elegant shape with a strong charging "chip".
Dual USB port's with a total output of a massive 3.4 A, dual USB charging ports, single max output 2.4 A, adapted to output 12/24 V DC, globally universal

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Fully optimize the charging efficiency
Challenge your original charger with this Smart Design

Dual USB charging ports, smart chip automatically distributes power, it can charge a mutiple phone, Pad and other electronic devices at the same time. The TI USB smart car charging chip can automatically recognize devices, supports 2.4 A fast charging, and the electric energy conversion rate is up to 95%. It provides a safe charging environment the same as the original one. It also extends the life of your electronics.

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

High-quality circuit main control chip.

From the famous manufacturer - AnaNviTek in Taibei, China.
Not only does it provide 8 circuit protection but also fully improves the charging efficiency.
Safe use of car electricity. Uses original genuine materials.
High quality stainless steel, safe shrapnel-type plug electrode technique.
The ROIDMI 3S can avoid the danger of burning, virtual connection and heat caused by elastic material. In the production process, we choose safe and compatible shrapnel-type contact electrode materials. It protects your car from each of the components.

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

High quality brass electrode

Ten processes, twelve technologies
High-quality brass processing, the integration of a brass pearl plating process, through milling, polishing, pearl plating, laser carving and other multi-channel features that produces a product which is fast to conduct, has good heat dissipation, has a resistance to high or low temperatures as well as other positive characteristics

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Uses the same technology as your mobile phone

Integrated into car interior style
Uses the same production process of mobile phones with a delicate and chic exterior. Uses the grinding process on the top of surface to prevent multiple plug scratching on the surface. Uses a mirror polishing process on the side, which can be more integrated with the surrounding environment. It is not only convenient to use, but will also look good in your car and modernise your car

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

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Compatible Brand: SONY,Meizu,Blackberry,LG,Nokia,HTC,Lenovo,Samsung,ZTE,Universal,xiaomi,Huawei,Other,Apple
Output Interface: Type C,Lightning,USB
Quality Certification: CCC,CE
USB Ports: 2
Power Source: Car Lighter Slot
Support Quick Charge Technology: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
Type: Car Charger
Model Number: ROIDMI
Output: 5V/2.4A
Input: 12V/2.5A

Original Xiaomi ROIDMI 2S Music Bluetooth car charger Support Music player / car charging / battery monitoring / hands-free call Universal Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter

Wireless Bluetooth Car Charger & Music Player Adapter for All Cars

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