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Handmade Sea Star Turtle Anklet

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* Limited Quantity Available!*

*Consider Getting Both Anklets! * You can also wear it as bracelet!!! *

* This Item Is NOT Sold In Stores! *

Are you a sea star or a turtle lover ?

Then this stunning anklet is perfect for you! 

You can wear it with any outfit and it will help give life and elegance to your outfit!

This is also a great gift for a friend!

Just click the "BUY IT NOW" Button Below! There's a very limited stock, and they will go soon!

Product description

Type: Anklet (1 Piece)

Length:  23.5cm + plus a 6cm extension chain (9.25"+ 2.32") with a total circumference of between 23.5cm - 30.9cm total length (Approx 9.25" - 11.61") to fit all ranges of ankle sizes

Please also note that the chain extension can extend at .2cm at a time all the way up to 6cm of the extension to accommodate many sizes and fittings that are comfortable for each individual.

Material: Shell, Acrylic, Shell, Bead, Pearl

Handmade Sea Star Turtle AnkletHandmade Sea Star Turtle AnkletHandmade Sea Star Turtle AnkletHandmade Sea Star Turtle Anklet 

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Handmade Sea Star & Turtle Anklet

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